7 Things More Fun To Burn Than Calories


Everyone knows that the best way to help maintain a sexy physique is to cut down on caloric intake and exercise but let’s be honest, following through with this can be straight up BORING! Here are a few things more enjoyable to burn than those stubborn calories.

1. The Candle at Both Ends


Not only is this more fun than exercising it is also a great way to showcase your dedication and tenacity in a work environment!

Image by Flickr

2. Ants with a Magnifying Glass


These little guys don’t have to watch their weight and for that they deserve to be punished.

Image by Flickr

3. Bras


Sometimes burning your bra is a political statement and sometimes you’re just skipping leg day.

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4. Bridges (Literal)


Risking an arson charge is totally worth not getting covered in sweat from working out!

Image by Flickr

5. Bridges (Figurative)


Ending a friendship can be tough but not as tough as justifying the $60 monthly fee for the gym you’ve never gone to.

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6. The Roof of Your Mouth


At least when this happens you know the pain is from some delicious food and not from you wasting your time trying to lose weight we both know isn’t going anywhere.

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7. Down the House


Have you seen how happy David Byrne always is? He must be doing something right!

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Josh Ballew gained 500 calories while writing this.

Images by Fit Approach, flickr.