Lorne Michaels Purchases NBC



NEW YORK – ‘SNL’ creator Lorne Michaels purchased NBC today, just moments after receiving his paycheck. Lorne, who currently produces ‘Saturday Night Live’, ‘The Tonight Show’, and ‘Late Night,’ will now executive produce the entire network.

“This is very exciting,” he explained to talk show host Jimmy Fallon. He then fell asleep mid-sentence. Fallon laughed and laughed and laughed, and then The Roots played a cool song.

In the past week he’s greenlit 20 pilots about comedy writers in New York City, and is adding a third late night program starting at 8 a.m. titled ‘What Up With That? with Keeenan!’


“I’m most excited to be executive executive producer of Tina Fey’s new project about a woman writing about a female comedy writer writing a sketch about a female comedy writer for a sketch show similar to SNL,” said Michaels. “Alec Baldwin will play the lead.”