Maya Rudolph To Give Birth After Six-Year Pregnancy


LOS ANGELES – Lady actress and coshedienne Maya Rudolph has announced that, after 24 trimesters, she will finally give birth after seven more trimesters. Rudolph, 41, has no explanation for her extended gestation period, and neither do her doctors.

“The hardest part was trying to conceal my pregnancy,” says Rudolph. “Shrek the Third was pretty easy, because the animators could kind of cheat my character’s belly a little bit by not drawing her as pregnant. But, everything else was pretty much difficult. But, thanks to expert wardrobe consultants, no one ever knew I was pregnant.”

Rudolph has yet to comment on whether she and the father (Paul Thomas Anderson) will keep the person when it is born, or put it up for adoption. She has confirmed that they will immediately start trying again.

Ross Kelly only gestated for five weeks.