Area Child Eats Awesome Brownie


OAK PARK, Illi.—On Sunday five-year-old Tommy Sanders experienced his first hallucinogenic state when he got hold of one of his mother’s marijuana brownies. Sanders consumed the brownie at his local playground, after discovering it in his mother’s purse. The laced baked goods marked Sanders first though, after this weekend, certainly not last experience with drugs.

“I guess he got the wrong one. I thought I packed one “Tommy” brownie and one “Mommy” brownie. But I don’t know…he’ll be alright…I think,” stated Sanders’ mother Kelly. Kelly admitted to being a regular baker of the special cocoa treats, saying, “It’s basically the only reason he’s still alive.”

Several minutes after consuming the brownie, Sanders climbed to the top of the slide and slid down, giggling incessantly. After climbing the slide for fourteenth time, Sanders planted himself at the top, took in the expanse of swings and monkey bars before him and just kind of sat there.

After 15 minutes at the top, a particularly shitty child shoved Sanders down the slide. Sanders responded by lifting his arms overhead, giggling and moaning “PANDA” all the way down. When reaching the bottom of the slide, Sanders immediately fell asleep.

Police were called to the scene, but investigating officer and single mother, Chauntice Jefferson let Kelly off with a warning. Jefferson stated, “I get it.” Since learning that Sanders slept for 11 hours following his consumption of the brownie, a local Mommy and Me group asked Kelly to organize their semi-annual bake sale. Kelly thinks she is excited about the position and responded, “Wait…what?”

Erin Zimmerman is an Ace Reporter and Supporter of Overwhelmed Moms Everywhere

Photo Courtesy of H a ي a ♥