Area Mom Thrilled To Be Added By Favorite Child On Facebook


TINLEY PARK, Illi.—Last night, Pamela Smothers was added as a friend on Facebook by her favorite child Robert “Bobby Bear” Smothers, Jr. Bobby Bear is the eldest and most loved of Smothers’ three children. Smothers’ friend count now stands at 37 and includes her youngest child Ally and excludes her middle child Bert.

“I was just sitting at home, drinking some tea, and practicing with Pinterest when a notification appeared on the little white phone. I haven’t been this happy since his conception,” Smothers stated. Bobby Bear has been Smothers favorite child since a disappointing showing from six-year-old Albert during his first little league game. Smothers recalled, “he couldn’t even get a hit off the tee. He shamed us. He shamed us all.”

Ally liked the new friendship status within moments of the acceptance. Ally has been friends with her mother for over seven months, having set up the account for her. When reached for comment, Ally stated, “oh my god, for sure, she’ll have a whole other way to be super gushy and proud of him.” Smothers has yet to accept Bert’s request for friendship, which is now over two months old. Smothers said she likes to keep her friend list to “just friends.” Smothers has also finally been able to tag Bobby Bear in 83 of the 85 photos she had originally made Ally post for her. Smothers stated simply, “I couldn’t be more fulfilled.”

Earlier this morning, Bert posted about falling from a tree after being chased up it by a heard of bullies. His post has yet to elict a comment from Smothers, though she has liked all 12 of Bobby Bear’s recently added photos. Ally has liked one. 

Photo Courtesy of Matney Rivera