Spurs Preparing for Game 8


MIAMI, Fla. – After their 94 to 88 loss to the Miami Heat on Thursday night putting them down three games to four in the series, the San Antonio Spurs boarded their plane back to Texas to begin preparing for the pivotal game eight.

“You have to hand it to them, they played a great game and hit big shots when they mattered,” said Spurs’ Forward Tim Duncan in the press conference after game seven. “Now all we can do is go back to practice and do our best to get ourselves ready for Saturday. Or Sunday – whenever it is.”

Spurs Point Guard Tony Parker said afterward that he was confident that his team would, eventually, win the championship. “All we can do is get ready for tomorrow. And tomorrow and tomorrow. After all, we are champions – we will never get older, we will never die, and we will never, ever, ever, never, never, ever admit defeat.”

David Sharp is a gangly nerd that played one game of YMCA basketball.
He scored zero points.