NBC Agrees To Pay Jay Leno’s Severance In Denim



BURBANK, Calif. — NBC and Jay Leno have inked a deal in which the Tonight Show host’s severance will be paid entirely in denim, according to entertainment sources, 

“The guy [Leno] just wouldn’t budge,” said Robert Greenblatt, chairman of NBC Entertainment, saying the bargain was reached after weeks of intense but private negations between Mr. Leno and NBC executives. “No matter how much we offered he just wanted more and more [denim].”

Per the agreement, Mr. Leno — upon his scheduled exit in winter 2014— will have 750, 1o yard bolts, approximately five pallets worth, of light blue denim fabric delivered to his Hollywood Hills home.

“That’s more than four miles of denim, “ said Danica Driller, a denim expert and self-described horse lover. “It’s enough to make over 15,000 jackets, or, if you like, 25,000 vests.”

She continued: “All in all, a huge victory for Jay and the denim community at large.”

Along with being the preferred fabric for Canadian formal wear, denim has been widely used in the US since the Civil War.

“It’s very versatile,” Driller said. “Jay will have a hard time not finding uses for it.”

Leno couldn’t be reached for comment, but those close to him are suspecting this all stems from the comedian’s life long dream to build a car completely out of denim.

Submission by Josh Huber  

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