5 Ways To Get Over Your Ex That Are All Jump Ramps


Are you or someone you know currently going through a breakup? Are emotions running high? Is the depression setting in? We here at The Whiskey Journal know it can be tough which is why we’d like to share these five ways to totally get over your ex that are all jump ramps.

1. Try being down in the dumps because of your failed relationship after flying off this baby!

2. Think you’ll never be happy again? Just wait until you take this for a spin!


3. How can you be miserable while soaring through the air thanks to this?

4. I dare you to be heartbroken while simultaneously using this!


5. Good luck reminiscing about all the good times when you’re catching massive air!

Joshua Ballew recommends wearing protective gear while using ramps/breaking up with someone.

Images by Flickr.