5 Couples Costumes That Won’t Make Sense If He Leaves Your Side At The Party


A couples costume is a super fun, sweet, possessive way of celebrating Halloween. Not only is it adorable, but it ensures everyone at the party knows that you two belong to one another. However, that doesn’t guarantee that when you are separated people won’t know he’s in a couple. Here are five simple couples costumes that won’t make any sense if he leaves your side at the party, thus ensuring he can’t go anywhere!



Sure, it’s a classic costume. That’s because it covers your man in clearly identifiable blue paint. Thus anything he touches will leave a blue trace. This way there won’t be a repeat of last year when your boyfriend dressed as Danny Zuko from Grease and drunkenly kissed the third sexy bumblebee at the party and tried to deny it saying he couldn’t recognize you in your blonde Sandy wig. There’s no denying it when he’s covered in traceable blue paint. Looks like he has to behave and be by your side like a dutiful smurf-dog all night.

Fred And Wilma Flintstone

This is an obvious one: no one in their right mind goes as an uncoupled Flintstone. If you see a lone Wilma or Fred at a party, run the other direction because they are clearly going through some shit. When he is dressed as Fred Flintstone he will feel so committed to you! Like he’s back in the Stone Age and isn’t allowed to philander with the girl whose costume is just “steampunk.”

RuPaul And A Drag Queen

First of all, haven’t you always wanted to see your man dressed as RuPaul? Here is your chance! For this costume to work at its optimal level, take him to a party in a small town where residents maybe haven’t seen a drag queen before. Make everyone at the party confused about his sexuality/your relationship/exactly what the backstory is and look fabulous in the meantime! Confusion is the key to making sure everyone stays away from your man at this Halloween party!

His Parents

If you separate as his parents at the party, it will trigger his abandonment fears and all the depression he felt when they divorced 15 years ago.

A Horse Or Cow Or Any Animal That Requires The Same Costume

He cannot escape when he is stuck being the back-half of your animal costume. He will be a silent mute while he carries off this costume to completion. Not only that, but he will be inches away from your juicy pheromones all night. Looks like mama is getting laid this Halloween instead of accusing your boyfriend of flirting with Babe Lincoln.

Stephanie Weber is doing the dick-in-the-box costume this year cause that shit is hilarious lol. Her boyfriend will be the box.

Images by ryanh, goodncrazy, bustle, summitcheese, anngela, halloweenoutfitsforcheap.