Zack Braff to Nation: ‘I Was Drunk When I Made That Kickstarter, I Have Plenty Of Money’


LOS ANGELES — After receiving heavy criticism for using Kickstarter to finance his new $2 million film “Wish I Was Here,” actor and director Zach Braff has stepped forward and admitted that he was drunk when he made the Kickstarter and has “plenty of money,” according to sources.

“This is embarrassing for everyone involved,” said the 38 year-old actor. “I’ve wanted to make this film for a long time and I appreciate my fans’ support, but I’m fucking rich. Have you seen how many times a day “Scrubs” is on TV?”

“Even the janitor has money,” he added.

Braff’s two million dollar Kickstarter goal was reached in just three days. The film was financed by more than 33,000 people, with the majority of the money coming from Braff himself.

“Once I realized what I had done, I just got my debit card out and pledged the rest of the money,” said the “Garden State” star. “I’d like to thank the over 30,000 people that pledged money to support my new film, but let’s be honest, I paid for most of it.”

Braff plans on using the extra money from the Kickstarter on appletinis, which will more than likely result in another Kickstarter campaign from Braff.

Kyle Scanlan likes “Scrubs” more than he would like to admit.