Man Pretends To Jog For A Moment After Tripping On Sidewalk Crack


By Andy Boyle

EUGENE, ORE. — Saying he “was just doing a quick test of these shoes,” an area man pretended to jog for a few seconds after obviously tripping on a crack in the sidewalk, sources said.

Rob Portsmith, 32, told friends he didn’t trip, but thought the time was right to randomly test the feel of his shoes.

“Pretty springy, if I do say so myself,” he said after clearly almost falling down. “Good purchase, only $49 at NikeTown.”

He added: “Real glad I decided to randomly test these shoes just a bit ago.”

While pretending to stretch his arms as if he had actually attempted any sort of planned athletic activity, Portsmith said he likes to jog for five, sometimes six paces, just to get his heart going. He said it helps to keep his mind “you know, ready to go for anything.”

Portsmith later pretended someone was calling his phone, answered it and then told his friends he had to leave.

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