Area Hipster Goes To Concert Before It Happens


BROOKLYN, NEW YORK – Days before the actual concert, Brooklyn area hipster TJ Michael attended a Deerhunter show in Williamsburg.

“It was amazing. I was like the only person there,” said Michael as he adjusted his neon headband. “Deerhunter did this really experimental set, where they didn’t even come out onto the stage. They just built up the anticipation. I can’t believe so many people missed it.”

According to friends and acquaintances, Michael talked about how great the concert was for the rest the week.  He even went as far as to passive aggressively give away his ticket to the actual show to a friend who appeared disinterested in Michael’s story.

“He was a real dick about it,” said Michael’s friend Steve Fink. “He just kept talking about how what he saw days before couldn’t be topped. I’ve never felt worse about taking a free ticket.”

At press time, it was announced that Michael had actually just went to the venue a night they were closed and the security guard had left the door open by mistake.

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