‘That Shit Pray’ Reaches #1 On Christian Pop Charts



Rap supergroup Hip-Hocrypha is making major plans now that their song, “That Shit Pray” has reached the #1 spot on the Christian pop charts.

“We are just thrilled.” said Lil’ Jesus, Hip-Hocrypha’s hype man.

The group was formed when the three young men (Tony, Lil’ Jesus, Aaron) met in a youth group a few years back.

“We were learning how to speak in tongues,” said Tony, “I was just trying to communicate to the Lord, you know? Next thing I know, Lil’ Jesus starts beatboxing, and then all three of us start rapping in tongues. I just wish I could remember those lyrics.”

The title of their new song is causing a bit of controversy. Some Christian radio stations have refused to play it because of one particularly foul word.

On Sunday, Pastor John Hagee, of John Hagee Ministries, condemned the group, saying “I CONDEMN THIS GROUP!” with lots of vibrato.

Aaron, the group’s founder, pointed out that this is just a new way to reach today’s youth.

“At every show, I see thousands of kids shouting ‘That shit pray!’ and it brings me to tears.”

The group has been given a lot of opportunities to crossover to a secular audience but has decided to stand its ground.

“We’ve been able to travel all around the world because of this, so we don’t have to crossover.” said Lil’ Jesus. “That shit pray, ain’t it?”