Teen Has Feelings Of Self-Worth And Happiness After First Drug Experience



OMAHA, Neb. — After experimenting with drugs for the first time, area teen Grant Webb claimed to have had feelings of both self-worth and happiness, according to reports.

“Most days Grant just stays in his room with the door closed.  When he comes down for dinner he spends most of the meal texting his friends,” said Grant’s father Jim Webb.  “But Saturday evening when he got home, he just watched the end of the Nuggets game with me.  He didn’t ask me for money or anything.”

Grant admits to taking the drugs with several classmates early Saturday evening near a park in downtown Omaha.  He returned home several hours later, where he made a turkey sandwich with sour cream on it.  He also consumed a bowl of ice cream and a leftover hot dog.

“It was a really great night,” Grant said while still smiling.  “Normally I’m so stressed out with school and girls and being popular and making sure I wear the right clothes and trying to make the basketball team… and my body won’t stop changing!  It was nice to just relax and not worry about anything for a little while.”

After telling his parents of the experience, the Omaha teenager was placed under arrest by local law authorities and is now expected to learn “a very important lesson.”