Alex Rodriguez To Be Uncomfortable on Yankees’ Bench For 4-To-6 Months With Injured Hip


The New York Yankees’ announced Monday that Alex Rodriguez will have a surgery on his left hip that will leave the third baseman uncomfortable on the team’s bench during games for up to six months after the surgery.  

Despite being a three-time Most Valuable Player and being owed around $115 million on the remainder of his contract with the Yankees, Rodriguez was benched by manager Joe Girardi during the teams playoff run this October.  He was 3-for- 25 in the playoffs without an extra-base hit and smiled a career low 34 times. 

Now the once superstar athlete, who probably had unprotected sex with Madonna, will have arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn labrum, as well as correct bone alignment and a cyst. Rodriguez had a very similar surgery on his right hip in 2009, but he was a much better baseball player then.

The Yankees’ third baseman will need four to six weeks to decide which gym shoes to wear to games this year and another two to three months to think of clever nicknames for his teammates while chewing sunflower seeds.  

“I’m just worried about Alex’s health,” said Manager Joe Girardi. ”I can’t imagine what it’s like to think one minute you’re going to be sitting on your team’s bench perfectly healthy, and the next minute you find out your hip is going to hurt while you sit on your team’s bench.”

When asked for comment, Rodriguez, the 19-year Major League veteran, summed it up: “I really don’t give a shit anymore.”

Written by: Kyle Scanlan

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