Rapper Dr. Dre Misjudges Longtime Fanbase with New Album “I’ve Been Rich For A While”


LOS ANGELES, CA – Rapper, record producer, entrepreneur, and actor Dr. Dre misjudged his longtime fanbase with his newest studio album “I’ve Been Rich For A While”.  

The longtime celebrity, with a net worth more than $250 million dollars, announced he would be taking a break from music this time last year.  A short 12 months later, Dr. Dre has left many in his loyal fanbase scratching their head.

“One of the songs on the album is literally called ‘CostCo’s A Trip,’” said longtime Dre fan Chris Jones. “This album sounds like it was written by Phil Dunphy, not Dre.”

The album is expected to debut as high as No. 5 in the U.S. on the Billboard Hot 100. But despite the high sales, many fans aren’t enjoying the beats from Dre.  

“It’s not even worth it,” said one superfan while threatening to not break his marijuana up on the new album. “Sure, it’s a flat surface, but there are plenty of flat surfaces.”

“There’s a picture of him shaking hands with Mitt Romney on the CD jacket,” the superfan continued. “What’s more of a buzzkill than that?”

The album’s first single to be released is titled “Taxes Ain’t Shit.” The album’s tracks are listed below:

Dr. DreI’ve Been Rich For A While 

“I’ve Been Rich For A While (Intro)”

“Pause 4 Pedestrians”

“Take-Out Caviar”

“CostCo’s A Trip”

“Bitch Better Cook My Filet Mignon Medium Rare”

“Forgot Abot Daiquiri Mix”

“Taxes Ain’t Shit”

“Nuthin’ But A 401k Thang”

I Know A Doctor” 
Dr. Dre driving to his new album release party at golf club house in southern California.

Written by: Kyle Scanlan

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