Opinion: Things Aren’t Really Going That Great, But It’s Whatever


Editor’s note: Kyle Scanlan, a The Whiskey Journal contributor, is a 26 year old man-child that shares a one bedroom apartment in Chicago, Illinois.  He spends most of his time at his entry level job and drunkenly yelling at his television during NBA games.  He sometimes does stand up comedy at open mics and low attended showcases.  He’s not excited about the future.


Pictured above: Kyle Scanlan

Chicago (TWJ) — The mood among most Americans right now is indifferent.  Some are excited about the future, others are in a pit of apocalyptic despair.  I’m here to tell you that both of these emotions are dramatic.  Things aren’t really going that great, but it’s whatever.

Having convinced ourselves that so much of our happiness is determined on love, attraction, companionship, financial success, food, acceptance, health, sexual fulfillment, motivation, and things that make us happy, we must now wonder: Did we set ourselves up to be the happiest when we’re on our 7th episode of 30 Rock, sweatpants deep into a Netflix binge?

Maybe it’s just that I’m caught up on all of my favorite television shows, but the future doesn’t really seem all that great.  I mean, Breaking Bad AND Dexter are both in their final season.  Then what?

The people we put into position to be leaders in our government are smart and capable people.  The people we have put in charge of television gave Whitney another season. The future isn’t safe.  Our lives are going to be empty when Walter White leaves them, and we all know it.

I have accepted the idea that I will never drive a Porsche or use ketchup that I didn’t steal from a Dairy Queen, but I deserve better.  We all deserve better.  Up All Night shouldn’t switch to a multi-camera sitcom in mid season.  Jim and Pam getting married ruined The Office.  Bob’s Burgers is going to get canceled and it’s all your fault.

Good television doesn’t grow on trees, but it also doesn’t go away all at once.  It’s stored on a Netflix device that is still relatively affordable.

So, things aren’t really going that great, but it’s whatever.

Written by: Kyle Scanlan

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