Hardee’s Releases New Slogan, ‘Eat Like You Are Already Dead’


GREENVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA – Fast food giant Hardee’s in an attempt to capture a wider food audience, has released its latest advertising slogan: “Hardee’s: Eat Like You Are Already Dead,” according to reports.

The fast food chain, known in some parts of America as Carl’s Jr., plans to make a few changes to their menu in 2013, first by eliminating all of the items on the menu under 1,000 calories. And not only will combo meals come accompanied with the traditional fries and a drink, but Hardee’s will also include an ice cream sandwich and the option of having your entire combo meal made of meat.

The cross country burger chain had faced criticism in recent years for offering burgers such as the 1,410 calorie Monster Burger, in a time where over one third of the American population is obese.  Now with the recent menu changes, Hardee’s will replace their regular Kid’s Menu burger with the Monster Burger.  

“Our ultimate goal is to make food so delicious and unhealthy that our customers feel like they have to eat alone, without judgement,” said Hardee’s founder Wilbur Hardee.  “People worry too much about their health.  We’re not going to live forever.  We are all going to die some day, so why can’t that day be today?  So you might as well have a burger with eight strips of bacon, 6 slices of cheese, and a pulled pork sandwich inside of it.”

Wilbur Hardee died in June of 2008.  

Written by Monster Burger enthusiast Kyle Scanlan 

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