Chevy Chase Changes Name to Chevy Needs a Goddamn Rest


Popular actor Chevy Chase, once a source of bottomless energy, announced this week that he’s changed his name to better match his current mood.

Sources say the actor, whose birth name was Timmy Peterjenkins, limped to Los Angeles District Court this Tuesday and officially changed his name to Chevy Needs a Goddamn Rest.

Needs a Goddamn Rest is famous for his roles in “Fletch,” a high-concept thriller that showcased the actor’s dramatic range, and “The Three Amigos,” a controversial documentary that showed renegade American border patrol agents bullying residents of a small Mexican village.

Fans of Needs a Goddamn Rest also recognize him as the slapstick prick who left Saturday Night Live after being carried by more talented cast members for seven months.

Sources say the actor considered several other names, including Chevy Spent, Chevy Just Wait One Second Guys, and Chevy Even Beverly D’Angelo Won’t Return my Sexts, before settling on Needs a Goddamn Rest.

According to the actor’s agent, Needs a Goddamn Rest plans to continue angrily shuffling through NBC’s cult hit, ”Community,” and is looking forward to taking more naps.

Needs a Goddamn Rest attracted unwanted attention earlier this year when he engaged in a bitter feud with Dan Harmon, the creator of “Community,” just because he could.

Harmon drew the ire of Needs a Goddamn Rest when he asked the actor to stop referring to fellow “Community” cast members Danny Pudi and Donald Glover as “the help.”

And while the actor’s name change might shock his nine remaining fans, it follows a comedy trend. In recent years, other SNL cast members have also had dramatic name changes, including Tracy Tina Fey’s Dependent, Rob Definitely Available for any Project, and Phil Hartman, Plot 62.

UPDATE: An earlier version of this article referenced Andy Dick as another SNL actor who changed his name. Dick, however, has been a Dick for several decades. The editor apologizes for the error.