NFL Admits They Got The Idea For Replacement Officials From A Keanu Reeves Movie


NEW YORK – Week 3 of the NFL produced even more miscalls from replacement officials in multiple games, finally causing the NFL to step forward and admit they got the idea for replacement officals from a Keanu Reeves movie.  

The NFL locked out it’s officials in June after their contract with the league expires.  The league has been using “replacement officials” through the first three weeks of the season causing several suspect calls during games.  

After weeks of criticism, the league finally stepped forward and admitted how they came about their replacement plan.  

“I was sitting at home trying to think of a way to make everyone happy.  Just so happens I only watch TNT after 8pm and The Replacements was on that evening.  When people wanted to go on strike in that movie, they just went ahead and replaced them.  It didn’t matter how qualified they were.  In fact, the ones that were qualified the least usually made me laugh the hardest,”  said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.  

“I’m not saying it’s a perfect plan,” Goodell continued.  “But the team Keanu Reeves played for in the movie ended up making the playoffs.  His name was Falco in that movie!  I hope one day people call me Falco.”

Written by Kyle Scanlan

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