Actress Amanda Bynes Tweets ‘YOLO’ Before Crashing Car Into An Orange Julius


HOLLYWOOD – Amanda Bynes downward spiral continued early Tuesday morning when the actress Tweeted ‘YOLO’ just before crashing into an Orange Julius in downtown Los Angeles.  

An obviously intoxicated Bynes went to Twitter just moments before her most recent brush with the law, tweeting “About to go on for one last ride!  I got to have me my Orange Julius!!! #YOLO”.  This tweet was sent out to Bynes’ 290,904 followers just before the troubled actress crashed her vehicle into an Orange Julius.

Six officers on duty that day won $50 in bets with coworkers about the former “All That” actress returning to jail by the end of the week.  One officer not only collected $50, but also won lower level tickets to a Los Angeles Clippers game against the Charlotte Bobcats.      

The 26 year old former child star was arrested in March of this year for driving under the influence after side-swiping a police car.  Later in June, she was arrested again for driving while intoxicated.   This month alone, Bynes has found herself in trouble on multiple occasions for driving on a suspended license.  Now Bynes will most certainly face jail time after her recent YOLO ride.  Experts believe the young actress will die of a drug overdose in late October.   

Reporting by Senior Where Are They Now: The All That Cast Expert Kyle Scanlan

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