Chad Johnson’s Created Player Cut From Madden 13 Team


MIAMI, FL – After getting cut by the Miami Dolphins after spending a night in jail on suspicion of headbutting his wife, Chad Johnson decided to play his football elsewhere.  

But when he tried to play Madden 13, he couldn’t find himself. Johnson then tweeted the following message Wednesday to his 3,733,709 followers. 

Four days after creating himself on Madden 13, Chad Johnson has been cut again from an NFL roster, this time on a video game.   

Several fans reached out to the former receiver in sympathy.  ”Don’t feel bad, my black ass messed up, I gave myself a 68 overall rating,” said Johnson.  

Johnson went on to say he was trying to be more realistic with his current skills and regrets that he didn’t try harder in practice mode while playing the video game.  

“I mostly just threw the ball to myself,” said Johnson, “since I only gave myself a 68 overall rating, I ended up dropping most of the balls.  The game is pretty realistic.”  

Johnson is expected to officially announce his retirement from both cyber and actual football some time later this week.  No official news yet on whether or not Johnson was able to return the game for a full refund.  

Written by Kyle Scanlan

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