Last Person Wearing LIVESTRONG Bracelet Decides It Just Isn’t Worth It Anymore


DALLAS, TX – On Thursday, August 23rd, 2012, cyclist Lance Armstrong announced he will no longer fight the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency’s charges against him.  This decision has led to his lifetime ban from cycling and the stripping of seven of his Tour de France titles.  

Armstrong wasn’t the only person to give up on Thursday.  Mark Davis, survivor of testicular cancer, threw his LIVESTRONG bracelet he had been wearing since being diagnosed with cancer four years ago in a trash can outside of a Starbucks in Dallas, Texas.  According to a friend who was with Davis at the time of the incident, Davis shook his head and said, “it just isn’t worth it anymore.”  

“I really liked that bracelet,” said Davis.  “It was a reminder of all of the struggles and hardships my family and I had gone through in the last four years.  Now when I wear it, people just talk to me about how Lance Armstrong is a cheater and liar.  I try to explain the Lance Armstrong Foundation to them, but by then they are already making a snide comment about how he has one testicle.  I have one testicle.  This bracelet just isn’t worth it.”

Sources confirmed later that the final LIVESTRONG bracelet worn by Davis had made it’s way to landfill just outside of Dallas.  Experts, however, don’t expect the bracelet to decompose as quickly as Armstrong’s reputation.  

 Last known photo of Davis wearing his LIVESTRONG bracelet 

Written by Kyle Scanlan

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