Breaking Bad Fan Disappointed He Was Not Invited To Walter White’s Birthday Party


HOUSTON, TX – Breaking Bad fan Ben Williams, 25, is reportedly disappointed he was not invited to Walter White’s birthday party. 

“I just don’t understand,” said Williams, breaking apart bacon onto a plate of eggs and hashbrowns.  “Walter obviously doesn’t see the relationship I have with him.  All I’ve done just to support him.  You know there was a point I was sleeping 3 hours a night because I was trying to get caught up with Breaking Bad.  I almost lost my job.”

At approximately 4:15 p.m., sources confirmed, Williams abruptly deleted Breaking Bad from his DVR. Williams, with a single tear running down his cheek, said he would happily begin re watching the AMC hit show but only under one circumstance, “I just want an apology from Walt.  That’s it.  Well, and if he could explain the diner scene to me.”   

Sources confirmed that later that night Williams bought Walter White a new hat.  No official word yet on how Williams plans on delivering it to the fictional character.   

Written by Kyle Scanlan

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