New Study Shows TV Show “Breaking Bad” is More Addictive Than Actual Crystal Meth


CHICAGO, IL – A recent study done at the University of Chicago has concluded that AMC’s hit show Breaking Bad is more addictive than actual crystal meth.  

The study’s alarming results were released just before the Season 5 premiere of Breaking Bad.  

A group of 50 students participated in the study, where they were asked to watch the AMC hit show for a week straight, followed by a week straight of using crystal meth.  

“I really loved Breaking Bad…” said University of Chicago junior Ben Healy, “the characters, the story, the cinematography, everything.  But the crystal meth just speed up my heart, gave me diarrhea, and I’m pretty sure I stabbed a guy over the weekend.  I’m not really sure, the hallucinations were pretty strong. But if anyone has Breaking Bad season 4, I’d love to borrow it.”

In tonight’s season 5 premier, you’ll notice a small disclaimer prior to the episodes airing.  There are no know long term side effects of Breaking Bad, except talking insistently to friends about how “bad ass” Walter White is.  

Written by Kyle Scanlan

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