Comedian Has No Opinion Regarding Daniel Tosh Fiasco



By now, you’ve probably heard about the incident that happened recently at the Hollywood Laugh Factory between comedian Daniel Tosh and a female audience member who was vocal about her displeasure with Tosh defending rape jokes in his stand-up act.

Tosh, who is known for his over-the-line comedy, both live and on-air, apologized over Twitter to the offended individual, providing some legitimacy to the claim that he went way over the line in this instance.

Comedians everywhere have come to the defense of Daniel Tosh and freedom of speech.  Claiming they should be able to find humor in any subject, regardless of how taboo or offensive.  While feminists and media members are saying the joke went “too far” and the subject of rape should not be explored or discussed in a comedian’s act.  

Los Angeles amateur comedian, Dylan Davis, has taken a bold stance on the issue by not mentioning the incident on either his Facebook or Twitter.  Several of Davis’s fellow comedian friends have been posting their opinion on the recent incident, letting their Facebook and Twitter friends know “as a comedian”, they have an opinion on this issue and it should be taken more seriously than the opinion of someone else.  

Davis was messaged by several of his friends on Facebook, asking if he had heard about the issue.  Davis recently left his iPhone at a friends house, and has been unable to check his social network accounts.  

“I don’t really care.  I wasn’t even at the show, so I don’t really know what happened,” said Davis.   

Davis is expected to pick up his iPhone from his friends house later this afternoon.  The world will hold it’s breath as it waits to see Davis’ opinion.  

Written by Kyle Scanlan

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